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  1. Demonstrative Determiners “This,” “That,” “These,” and “Those”:

  2. Demonstrative determiners are like pointing fingers; they indicate the specific location or refer to particular things.

    • This book is interesting.
    • I like those shoes.

  3. Possessive Determiners “My,” “Your,” “His,” “Her,” “Its,” “Our,” and “Their”:

  4. Possessive determiners are like name tags; they show ownership or possession of nouns.

    • My cat is very playful.
    • Their house is big and beautiful.

  5. Quantifiers (Quantitative Determiners):

  6. Quantifiers are like measuring cups; they tell us the quantity or amount of a noun.

    • Some students are studying for the test.
    • We bought several apples.

  7. Ordinal Numbers (Ordinal Determiners):

  8. Ordinal numbers are like ranking badges; they show the position or order of nouns in a series.

    • This is the first time I’ve visited this city.
    • She came second in the race.
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